Hi out there all you English-speaking people who want to get information about Owlglass and our album “In The Heart Of The Golden Ground” All songs were written by myself starting in 1991. Exceptions are Drunken Sailors and Greensleeves, which are arranged traditionals. We recorded, edited and mixed the songs in my home studio in the cellar of my house. There are twelve songs with a playing time of nearly one hour. The CD is presented as a digipack with a twelve-page booklet. First of all, I want to let you know that our live performances are different from the album. Live we are just two persons making music. That´s Tanja singing and me playing acoustic guitar. On the album, a couple of friends came to my studio to contribute to the songs. So, the songs are presented with a large amount of instruments like acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin, bass, drums, a variety of keyboard sounds and, of course, the flute, which dominates most of the songs. Due to the fact that I (German) wrote the songs in English, they were all checked and, if necessary, corrected by my Scottish (meanwhile German (Brexit!)) friend David Mackie. Due to the fact that my ears are not as fresh as they were in the early years, I was supported during mixing by young Silas, who is also studying audio engineering in Frankfurt. A perfect companion. None of us who worked on the album has worked professionally in the music business (although Silas will soon)!!! Contrary to the fact, that I explained the songs for our German speaking fans, I think, that I can shorten this for you. The lyrics are all in English and, I hope, fully understandable. But there are some facts you should know! I have lived in my hometown Niederselters since I was a baby. It is situated in the state of Hesse in Gemany, near the town of Limburg an der Lahn. The smaller area between Limburg and Bad Camberg is called Goldener Grund (Golden Ground) and Niederselters is the heart of it (maybe that´s only the opinion of the residents). The first classic mineral water with the famous name “Selters” was found here. So, some of the songs refer to these facts: “Water Of Unknown Origin” and “Flowing Waters” are instrumentals without lyrical content. “Heart Of The Golden Ground” is related to the town and, very important for me, “Girl Of The Spring” is dedicated to the sculpture that is mounted on a stone in a park. This is a true story and totally biographical. The sculpture shows a woman that worked at the SeltersSpring around 1900. The other songs have a couple of background stories and if you want to know more, please don´t hesitate to contact me via email (info@owlglass.de). If I see that it´s necessary, I will update the info here. If You want to buy it, please cantact me via email: info@owlglass.de or: Sincerely yours Dieter “Besi” Besold
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